Environment and sustainability – committed to success

Living responsibility at Hansgrohe

The Hansgrohe Group is an industry pioneer in sustainability, and environmental and climate protection. It looks back on decades of “green” company history and sets high goals for an ecological future. After all, assuming corporate responsibility and living sustainably are part of Hansgrohe’s self-image and company goals. Our passion for water continually spurs us on to extend our range of energy and water-saving products. And to set global trends using innovative technologies.

For Hansgrohe, climate protection, sustainability and a sense of responsibility mean:

  • Water and energy-saving products with a long service life
  • Sophisticated recycling systems
  • Environmentally-friendly sites and manufacturing technologies
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Global environmental protection projects and knowledge for the sustainable management of water resources
  • Social responsibility

Green is the company colour: why the Black Forest bathroom and sanitary specialist takes environmental and climate protection so seriously.

Front page of the current Sustainability Report

The company's systematic and strategic commitment: Hansgrohe SE is making its processes, successes and potential for improvement transparent. 

Environmental life cycle assessment for hand showers

Hansgrohe calculates the ecological "footprint" of its products: for even greater environmentally friendly production and sustainable products.

The Pontos AquaCycle system turns shower and bath water into hygienically clean process water.

Hansgrohe enlightens: the Pontos grey water recycling system enables users to treat shower and bath water – ready for its reuse anywhere drinking water quality is not required.

Pontos Heat Cycle recovers the heat from shower and bath water and uses it for fresh hot water.

The energy saver: Pontos uses the residual heat from the shower and bath water with outstanding efficiency before it disappears down the drain.

Active climate protection, measurable sustainability

Environmental, resource and health protection are an integral part of the Hansgrohe company policy. Detailed information can be found below:

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