Hansgrohe Water Symposium

Water events in Schiltach

At the invitation of Hansgrohe, international water experts meet once a year at the company headquarters. The venue is the Aquademie event centre. During the symposium, everything in Schiltach revolves around the fascinating element of water, which is definitely worth protecting.

Since 2008, the Hansgrohe Water Symposium has focused on a different core theme every year. This valuable resource is the focus of two days of exciting lectures, workshops and podium discussions. The speakers look at water in its existential, scientific, political or socio-cultural sense. This provides their audience with a wide range of material for discussion – and also provides them with valuable incentives.

99 seconds on water and its future

Film survey on the Hansgrohe Water Symposium 2010: What motivates water experts and entertainers? How do they see the future of this valuable resource, and what would they like to say about water in under 100 seconds?

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