CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility

Hansgrohe's commitment to human beings and nature

For us, corporate responsibility means: looking, listening and taking action. Whether it's assisting needy families, supporting handicapped people, disaster relief, more "awareness of water" in schools or returning fish to the local riverscape.

Hansgrohe SE is committed:

  • Here, the goal is to alleviate patients' pain and improve their quality of life. Hansgrohe furnished the bathrooms on the ward with this in mind.

  • As Engineers Without Borders, students from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology are improving the water supply for 1,600 schoolchildren.

  • Hansgrohe and its employees support the humanitarian initiative “Kinder brauchen Frieden” e.V. (Children need Peace)

  • Hansgrohe supports the German Toilet Organization's creative competition for pupils – helping to better equip German school toilets.

  • In Xhosa, one of the eleven official languages of South Africa, “ukuqala” means beginning. Ukuqala is also the name of a construction project undertaken by Stuttgart architecture students. They built a new home for children affected by the HIV virus.

  • The Ronald McDonald Foundation helps families with seriously ill children. Even the bathrooms, which are kitted out with bathroom products from Hansgrohe and Axor, add to the feeling of security in this Tübingen house.

  • Another salmon for the river Kinzig: Hansgrohe stock campaign along the river.

    Hansgrohe engages in salmon stock campaigns to encourage a better quality of life and a better ecosystem in its home region. The goal is the breeding and reintegration of salmon in the Kinzig Valley. And in fact: the migratory fish are coming back!

  • Discussion between a young man and an older man on the training ship Thor Heyerdahl

    And with Hansgrohe's help, the Kiel three-masted vessel "Thor Heyerdahl" was refloated. On the sail training ship young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, among others, learn how to undertake responsibility.

  • A woman at the Albert Schweitzer workshops assembling Hansgrohe products.

    The Albert Schweizer workshops foster the skills of disabled people holistically. Hansgrohe supports the facility at its Offenburg production site in several ways. For example, with assembly orders and items donated towards a new building.

  • Children at a facility in Haiti, assisted by Haiti aid organisation Pwojè men kontre.

    With tremendous readiness to help others, Hansgrohe employees donated their extra hours to those people in need due to the devastating earthquake of January 2010. The aid contribution amounted to a total 250,000 euros.

  • A building belonging to the Off Road Kids Foundation

    The "Off Road Kids" Foundation looks after street kids and young people from disadvantaged families throughout Germany. Hansgrohe SE equipped a new children's home in Bad Dürrheim with Pontos AquaCycle technology for recycling water.

  • Presentation of the thermal imaging camera to the fire department in Schiltach in the Black Forest

    Thermal imaging camera for volunteers: Hansgrohe donates a special piece of equipment to the local fire department in Schiltach in the Black Forest, company headquarters of the bathroom and sanitary specialists.

  • The first Hansgrohe Award for Journalists 2010 goes to Dr. Max Rauner (centre).

    The company presents the Hansgrohe Award for Journalists for contributions from print, radio, TV and online media, that aim to raise public awareness about the conscious, sustainable use of water.

  • The equation

    Water = Future is the simple equation that Hansgrohe is hoping will arouse pupils' interest in the precious asset of water. Free teaching materials are therefore available for those motivated by conviction in matters of environmental protection.

  • Pioneer project for ecological construction: Block 6, a residential complex in Berlin's southern Friedrichstadt neighbourhood.

    Hansgrohe finds that Green Building is not only a megatrend, but a worldwide necessity. Because sustainable building means: resource conservation and climate protection. And the Black Forest bathroom professionals have long been committed to this.